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Toe Separator (each)

Toe Separator (each)
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Gel Toe Seperator made of high quality gel  and can distribute peak pressure evenly on broad area to prevent pressure sores. Our gel toe seperator can sustain high pressure and won't leak when punctured as it is not a liquid encased in some outer coverage. The gel toe separator is manufactured with the use of soft material. Our gel toe separator is similar to human flesh in its consistency, touch & reaction to pressure. Saket Gels toe separator has the ability to flow ensures effective distribution of pressure. Even after prolong exposure to high pressure, it returns to its original shape with virtually no shape deformation,since its Viscous, elastic nature & closed cell molecular structure.

Some advantages of gel toe separator is as follows

  1. Extremely soft on touch & highly flexible in pressure.
  2. Excellent pressure distribution eliminates pressure points which causes pressure sore.
  3. It will not crack,freeze,melt or harden in normal conditions. 4) Nontoxic& safe to use externally.
  4. Never absorb any liquid or odor.
  5. Contains mineral oil which always soothes skin on direct contact
  6. Very useful to prevent pressure sore

Care & director of use for long lasting of gel toe separator

  1. Keep away from sharp objects.
  2. Do not expose to heat or direct sunlight.
  3. Never autoclave.
  4. Put some standard talcum powder before use.
  5. All gel product can be easily cleaned by using standard mild detergents